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          Gold-life micro-pump development and production center

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          Micro-pump development process

               Beijing Gold-life micro-pump centers rely on  Jinshou Beijing Technology Co., Ltd., worked hard to research, production and sales of the micro-pump, to provide users with high quality OEM products and services. The focus for the majority of equipment manufacturers and equipment manufacturers to provide a high quality all kinds of micro pumps and micro-pump accessories. And free, and provide customers with technical advice to help you and your premises to solve the mini-pump use, and new product development problems for the user privacy.

              Beijing Gold-life micro-Pump Center customers at home and abroad under the support and understanding, Micro-pump center after years of rapid development, improve product quality and development, has set up a good reputation in the users, in order to further ensure the quality, the center established a special mini-pump production lines, annual output of 10-20 million, and continue to deliver high-quality micro-pump, to meet different user needs. With the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the same time, we established a close relationship between universities and further improve the quality and pump diaphragm pump of the processing quality, allowing users to use increasingly at ease.   

          Center's services aim of "Quality first, customers first, Common development, What they need."
          Our slogan:
                            There is no best, only better!

           Our website

           http://www.www.centeroneplaza.com;  http://www.www.centeroneplaza.com

           E-mail: yang@www.centeroneplaza.com


          Learn from each other Phone:

                        Tel :        85-010-51186026; 51,186,608
                        Mobile Phone: 85-13,391,982,236; 85-13,911,084,928
          Fax :         85-010-51186026




          Detection of micro-pump factory
          With the motor manufacturers to explore the production and improvement of motor
          Motor quality of support equipment
          Researchers are working air pump design